Smart Information Gathering

Visibility Solutions has written the manual on how to create smart forms.

Our extensive experience in smart form design has given us insight into how information can be utilized by clients to drive better business decision making.

The Smart Information Gathering process:

  • Deep dive into the most pertinent information requirements
  • Map the information fields into a digital forms template
  • Create the digital elements to drive efficient information gathering
  • Work flow the process architecture of information requirements to show how the outputs fit into the overall business system
  • Design intuitive instructions for the person completing the form
  • Develop the best way to report out on the aggregated data

We don’t just

  • Copy existing forms (paper or digital) to modify or add fields
  • Develop the digital form without overall business context

Smart Information Gathering when done right leads to smarter ways to improve business processes.


Visibility Solutions Services

Visibility Solutions aims to design and deliver smart information gathering and process improvement solutions which deliver valuable efficiencies for your business.

What do we do?

  • Comprehensively audit your business processes for efficiencies
  • Design processes for smart information gathering
  • Deliver smart information via intuitive automated digital forms